Agency Kickoff LIVE Workshop

Hey, Could Your Agency Use A Boost?


Agency Kickoff Workshop

Work Live With 3x Agency Founder To Create A Personalized Plan Designed To Help Your Agency Generate More Agency Revenue in the Next 45 Days...


Growing An Agency Is Hard.

But the Agency Kickoff Workshop Will Guide You Through What You Need To Do for the 45 Days To Add 3 New Clients.

This is a 90 Minute LIVE Workshop...

Not Some Pre-Recorded Webinar Full of Hype-y BS...

The Agency Kickoff Workshop is built from the ground up to help you create a personalized 45 day action plan, so you have the shortest path to increasing monthly recurring revenue.

We all know the agency growth world is full of "insider secrets" & "guru tricks" that do amazing things like 10x your business overnight, or guarantee that you will close "high ticket clients on autopilot". We also all know that anything that seems too good to be true probably is...

The Agency Kickoff Workshop isn't magic. Your 45 day plan is full of work. And we are going to hold you buckle up.

This is real work and real effort. But it creates REAL results.

If you generate just 3 new clients in the next 45 days...well, we will let you do the math. We don't want to make anybody (hey there, Facebook) mad.

In 90 are going to learn to:
  • Get your network to offer you referrals without you having to ask.
  • Run an effective sales call without being "sales"-y.
  • Max out your opportunity in talent marketplaces.
  • Make it easy for your prospects to say yes.
  • Create an offer that is a rare "win-win-win".

This workshop isn't going to teach you how to spin up ads or any kind of "auto-connect" on LinkedIn stuff. This is about leveraging real connections, making great offers, and generating relationships that might last years.

This isn't like other workshops...for the 45 days AFTER the workshop, you'll receive emails and texts reminding you where you should be in your 45 day journey to new clients. This isn't to let you know how far behind you are - each communication is designed to fire you up, get you accelerating, and move you closer to your goals.

Find The Speediest Path

Find the people in your network who are ready to buy now.

Zero In On The Target

Find the prospects that understand your value & respect your price.

Learn To "Guide" Your Prospect Home

Show your prospects why you are the right solution.

This is a LIVE Workshop!

This isn't some pre-recorded thing where you don't have any support. This is a LIVE workshop run by an agency growth expert. We've helped hundreds of agencies grow, and you are going to be next.

This workshop is designed to get you from 4 figures in monthly recurring revenue to 5:

Here's the amazing part though, this can be used at any stage in your agency journey. But you are going to get the best bang for your buck if you are between $3000-$7000/month in revenue.
This is a skill set that you can dip into at any point in your agency career. You are going to learn it in 90 minutes, and master it in 45 days. And the entire team is going to be there to help you along the way.

And Because You Are The 1st Agency Kickoff Workshop Attendees, We've Got A Deal For You:

  • The workshop is $399 $299 - Save $100!

  • Cold Email Compendium ($97) - FREE!

  •  Perfect Proposal Framework ($29) - FREE!

  • Agency Kickoff Slack Channel ($197) - FREE!

  • 45 Days Email Text Follow Up ($197) - FREE!

Over $900 in value - just $299!



Who Should Come To This Workshop?

  • Agency owners & leaders who have at least 3 clients & are below $7K in MRR.
  •  Agency owners & leaders who want to add more monthly recurring revenue without spending on ads.
  •  Agency owners & leaders who want to add more monthly recurring revenue without doing "cold outreach" or "LinkedIn automation".
  •  Agency owners & leaders who want to add a skill that can be used again and again and again, regardless of their agency size.

Who Is This Tim Kilroy Guy?

  • Tim is a 3x agency founder (2 exits & a crash) who has coached over 100 agency leaders on the best ways for them to scale their agencies sustainably. Learn more about Tim.
  • The team at runs multiple agency growth programs, including Agency Breakout (group coaching for agency owners between $10-$50K/MRR) and Agency Accelerator (1 on 1 coaching for agency owners between $50K-$200K/MRR).
  • We've helped 38 agency owners double their sales & 9 agency owners hit 7 figures in annual revenue. (We've only had 1 agency not generate an ROI on our programs - and man, that was 100% our fault...we never should have worked with them.)

What Am I Going To Get Out of this Workshop?

  • You are going to get a personalized (and easy to follow) plan to generate referrals and solicit new business from marketplaces that will give you the opportunity to get as many as 3 new clients in 45 days. (At $1500/mo for your services, that's $4500 in new monthly recurring revenue!)
  • You are going to get the chance to work live with an experienced agency growth coach who will help you create the right strategies and tactics to accomplish your goal.
  • In the 45 days after the workshop, you are going to receive email and text reminders from us reminding you what actions you should be taking. We are also going to provide you with personalized support in our private Slack Channel.

Is There A Guarantee?

  • Can we guarantee that you are going to land a specific number of new clients or a certain dollar figure in revenue? Well, no. That part is beyond our control.
  • But, if after our 45 days of support you aren't satisfied with this program, just email us at along with evidence that you actually did the things you were taught, asked us questions about what you didn't understand, and that you opened, read and acted on all the information in the support phase of the experience, we will happily refund your registration fee.

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